Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration in the Contractor Directory free?
Yes. You can register your company profile for free, enabling you to display pertinent details about your company including samples of your stand projects. You are encouraged to complete the fields asked during the registration process so your profile will look enticing for exhibitors who frequently visit this feature.

What is the Contractor Directory for?
This is a popular feature among clients who visit our website looking for local contractors for their trade show related projects. It helps exhibitors as well as contractors located abroad, to find your company and subsequently contact you when they have a need for services in your area.


I have not received any email from SuperStand to activate my account. What should I do?
Solution 1: Your email was sent to you but was lost. First, please check in your spam folder where it may have landed by mistake.
Solution 2: After your registration, you will get a pop up message notifying you about the activation link sent. There is an option there of resending a new activation link in case you did not receive the first one.
Solution 3: Your SuperStand Team is always ready to assist should you need help. Just contact us.

Upon registration, SuperStand informs me that the email already exists. What should I do?
This means that someone used this email to connect with SuperStand. If you have previously registered with SuperStand.Com but forgot about the activation link, you will encounter this notification. In this case, check your email and activate the link sent or, you can get in touch with us.


Is it free to post a project via SuperStand?
It depends. If you have subscribed to a Premium Account, you will have more access to additional free perks which are otherwise charged as paid services.

A. STAND PROJECTS (for a client looking for someone to manufacture his stand):
Option 1 (Free): You can ask for our assistance. Once we have decided to support your project, your project details will be posted on our website for free and we qualify contractors on your behalf. It is only when you award the project to one of our recommended contractors that we get a modest commission for a job well done.
Option 2 (Free): If you decide to handle the project mainly on your own, you can still use our very innovative My Stand Project platform to oversee your project. However, your project details will only be visible to the contractors you have opted to invite for the said project.
Option 3 (Paid): If you decide to handle the project mainly on your own but want to make it publicly posted on our website and for it to be circulated to our network of contractors, an applicable charge will apply unless you are subscribed to a Premium Account (for the latter, this is free).

B. PROJECTS REQUIRING LOCAL WORKERS (for a client who needs a carpenter to assemble or dismantle his stand or other local experts such as caterers, hostess, electricians just to name a few):
Option 1 (Free): If you are subscribed to a Premium Account, you can post your project requirements publicly on our website and we will help you generate responses. This is just a small part of the many perks of having a Premium Account!
Option 2 (Paid): If you are subscribed to a free membership, you can also post your project requirements publicly on our website, we will help you generate responses but an applicable charge will apply.

*Premium Contractors are allotted 6 trade show projects per year that they can post publicly on our website for free (count does not include the projects that SuperStand has agreed to do the qualification for).


I found an interesting project for which I would like to apply for. Is it free to send my application via SuperStand?
Yes. We do not ask for any outright or registration fee. However, please take note that applying for a project simply means that you are interested. When you hit the "apply for this project" button found on the actual project page, you are merely showing your interest. You will not be asked for any stand proposal yet. Only the 3 most qualified companies (based on the criteria such as proximity to the event's venue, matching the exhibitor's mandatory requirements if applicable, industry reputation and financial stability) will be asked to prepare the stand proposals.

What happens next after I hit the apply button?
Your company will be reviewed. We will base our initial decision on the details that you will provide during the registration of your company. Thus, please make sure to provide complete and accurate details. If we believe that you have real competitive advantages to win the project, then we will call you and start our qualification process. If your company does not meet our quality criteria, your application will be terminated. If your company passes our standards, we will introduce you to the exhibitor directly. This will allow you to send an offer and have a real chance to win the project.

How many contractors will be introduced finally to the exhibitor?
We want a fair system enabling both the exhibitor to review enough offers and the contractor to have a reasonable likeliness to close the deal. We only introduce a maximum of 3 contractors for each of our project. Although not encouraged, the client could also invite his own contractors aside from the final 3 that we will introduce.